When you take a whale watch trip with Capt. Bill and Sons, you can expect a relaxing atmosphere. Never crowded, this finest of Massachusetts charter boats prioritizes the experience of our guests. So, expect ease and convenience. There will be no lines waiting to use the restrooms or at the bar or galley here: Capt. Bill and Sons whale watching tours in MA are uncongested and complete with full service facilities designed to take care of our guests.

Read on to find out more about what we've learned our guests are looking for in our many decades of providing excellent whale tours in MA, including our reduced rates for corporate outings and other specials to make your adventure more affordable.

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The point of a whale watch is seeing whales and other marine life, of course. With us, it's almost 100% guaranteed this objective will be met, as we sail to one of the richest locations in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary or Jeffreys Ledge.

Our guests are pleasantly surprised when so much more is involved on our whale watching tours in MA. The Miss Cape Ann, for example, was custom built to provide the smoothest possible ride, close up views of the wonderful marine mammals doing what they do, and the engine power to take you to where the whales are quickly. The sooner you get there, the more time you have to watch the action.

Guests also have the advantage of the finest in expert naturalists on our whale tours. MA based, The Whale Center of New England is closely tied to the experiences our guests come away with. Not only is scientific expertise from the Center is available on Capt. Bill and Sons, but also, our approach to this industry and philosophy supports endangered species protection and conservation of the ecosystem.

Finally, we honor discounts offered by other Massachusetts charter boats and whale watches. Contact us to make your reservations and take advantage of our ongoing special rates for corporate groups, educational tours and non-profit or fundraising trips. We also honor discounts from AAA, AARP and CAA.

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Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch
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Sightings Guaranteed. Adjacent to the Visitor Center of New England.
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