Thousands of people head for the coast as the weather warms just as hundreds of marine mammals swim toward feeding grounds near Cape Ann and other areas. Those who plan whale watching vacations are wise to prepare by packing properly, setting up at least a general itinerary and having a flexible attitude. As with any vacation, the point is not to accomplish goals but rather to leave "achievement" behind in favor of the excitement and growth that comes with discovery.

If you are planning an adventure with us, you can get the most out of the experience by constructing your own "whale watching package," complete with whale watch and hotel reservations and tickets and a plans to enjoy the sights, dining, entertainment (on and offshore) and other tourist draws. Feel free to ask any one of the crew for tips on great places to have fun while you're in Gloucester!

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Whale Watching Package, Plans

You can get ready for your adventure in the Bay with Capt. Bill and Sons by making sure you bring along everything you may need on the trip and following a few other guidelines:

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